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Ethiopian Mineral, Petroleum and Bio-fuel Corporation

Name and its Establishment

Ethiopian Mineral, Petroleum and Bio-fuel Corporation established as Federal Government Public Enterprise by the Council of Ministers Regulations No. 367/2015 on 18th day of December, 2015 with authorized capital of Birr 15,267,000,000 which Birr 4,017,000,000 paid in cash and in kind.   

 Head Quarter: Addis Ababa, Bole Sub City at 22 junctions

Branch Office:  Oromiya Regional State Guji Zone Shakiso & Kentecha 

Number of Workers: Male (776) Female (266) Total (1042)

Vision and Mission

Vision: "By 2027; to be competent corporation in production and services at national and international market in related to mining, petroleum and bio-fuel"

Mission:  "By explore, develop, exploit and sell economic and strategic minerals, petroleum and bio-fuel as well as other related activities to be competitive at national and international market".

Values: transparency and responsibility; clean environment and development; anti-corruption; ensure public benefit and participation; serve the public at large and endvour for national benefit and well being.

The objectives for which the Corporation is established areŠć°

  •  to ensure that the country benefits from its natural resources by developing and  directly engaging itself in the mining, petroleum and bio-fuel sectors;
  •  to ensure the benefit of the country by building the local capacity of the sector and assisting others engaged in the sector;
  •  to fill the gap in the areas of investment which have strategic importance but are not addressed by the private sector;
  • to contribute to the national economy upon being competent public enterprise;
  • to engage in the investment, development and production of the mineral, petroleum and bio-fuel operations on its own or in association  with others as appropriate;
  • to engage in the provision of services like consultancy, drilling, laboratory, data acquisition, processing and interpretation, feasibility study and training in the field of mining, petroleum and bio-fuel operations;
  • to conduct study and implement when approved mechanisms that can equip the Corporation with the financing, technology and modern administrative inputs (including attracting or engaging in investments) which can help it to be competitive and profitable within the country or abroad;

Core Activities & Products /Services

  • Production and sales of industrial minerals (Tantalum, Kaolin, Dolomite, Quartz & Feldspar) to the local market;
  • Production and selling of Tantalum mainly for international market;
  • Performed exploring, producing and selling of fuels, minerals as well as bio-fuels, and
  • Undertake exploration of minerals (industrial as well as precious/rare metals); provide mineral exploration, laboratory, and drilling services both for its own exploitation/extraction and sales of these services to external companies upon demand.